No one ever ruined a holiday party or meal with the wrong wine and food match, but anyone can make their meals more delicious with wine at any cost, no worries.

The holidays are fun—but people put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to shopping for and serving exactly the right wine to pair with the meal,  The biggest thing for people to remember is that wine and food are meant to be enjoyed together and shouldn't become a source of stress. Wine is simply a great choice for holiday entertaining. It's versatile, easy, affordable, and people love it - and we just wants you to have fun with it .

  • Experiment and enjoy - Consider holiday wine shopping an adventure rather than a chore. Have fun with it and enjoy the wine tastings offered at Wolfe’s.  Tasting is a great opportunity to learn what you like - and experiment with new varieties.
  • Don't sweat the wine shop – ask questions we will not bite.
  • Benefit from buying by the case - If you're planning on doing a lot of entertaining throughout the holidays, do all your wine shopping at one time. That way you can benefit from some of the discounts that are available to those who buy a lot of wine at once. Consider coordinating with your neighbors, friends or family so that you can all receive the full benefit.
  • Look for good "food" wines - Food-friendly wines, or those that pair well with a variety of foods, are easy to come by. Some great white wines include Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, which offer excellent value and great taste. Some red wines include Rhones from France, Pinot Noirs from around the globe and lots of great varietals from all around Spain. If you're planning for some bubbly, Spanish Cava and Prosecco are also great "food wines".
  • Find the good deals - Don't be scared off by "inexpensive" wine prices. More often than not, the lower price means that the wine offers a good value in order to compete with better-known varieties.
  • No need for high-class glasses - One good all-purpose wine glass will do the trick when serving wine to family and friends. People tend to get bogged down in the white wine and red wine glass "rules" but the truth is that any glass will serve as a wine glass.
  • How much wine do you need? - Plan for about two glasses of wine per guest. To determine which types of wine, follow this formula: 60 percent red wine and 40 percent white wine. Champagne, sparkling wine and rosé are considered white wine for these calculations. For a champagne toast, buy one bottle for every six guest guests.
  • Remember red and white with turkey and ham - Since the traditional turkey and hams offers a variety of flavors—from sweet potatoes caramelized brown sugar—the best bet is to choose red and white wine, place both bottles on the table, and let everyone enjoy whichever variety they prefer.

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