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Miracle Mile Construction FAQ

The Miracle Mile Streetscape project has been underway since July 5th.  The “goal” of the project is to enhance the economic vitality of the Downtown Coral Gables district by transforming Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue. The improvements are intended to provide a cohesive pedestrian-friendly experience with garden areas, outdoor dining, improved lighting, way finding, public art and more. This is what the Website that drives all public information about this over $21 million project explicates. 

The City of Coral Gables originally with Rickman Construction and the help of the design team from Cooper Robertson of NYC met with business owners to rally the public approval of this 15 years in the making anticipated project.  The window dressing of this much, misaligned project was to spare merchants and property owners limited access to their respective businesses and buildings buy working as they said “one-half block at a time” and we will be completed with the 1st phase by the end of August as to not impact the holiday shopping last quarter.  Similar words have been issued by “John’s” to prostitutes as for certain “favors” that are challenging since the beginning of time.  Needless to say, this was just a untruth to get the majority to back a plan that at the time seemed idyllic.    

Move to current day.  The Mile is a construction mess but,  some days there are 10 people working and some days there are none.   The pedestrian traffic is way down and vehicular traffic at least on the south side is down to one lane and careful the backhoe does not smack your windshield while you’re heading north east.

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe is doing the best it can to make it convenient for you the Wolfepack to get to the Shoppe. We have parking vouchers for a few hours at the closest municipal Garages #2 across from Books & Books and #6 above Fritz and Franz.   You can call us at 305-445-4567 to see if we have any parking in the back of the shoppe for a few moments while you make your purchases and as always if you are in the Triangle (South Miami, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove) we can deliver to your doorstep.

No hard hat needed, we hope we keep seeing you.