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This Week's Tasting March 17th

Each wine has a story, so every week we host a Friday Tasting from 7-9pm.

It's our opportunity to put you in front of wines and the people behind them. And most importantly to taste! RVSP by emailing us here or call (305) 445-4567. $20 includes a glass to take home and all you care to drink and learn.  Join the Wet Noses Newsletter to receive the week's tasting announcement on Wednesdays.


Wolfe's Wine Shoppe calls Organic, Biodynamic and natural wines grocery beverages made with the least possible use of chemicals, additives and overly technological procedures. That includes chemicals in the field, such as pesticides, as well as things like sulfur or any of the almost 200 allowed additives that are legally permitted in wine. Included are many technological manipulations of wine that we think erase the individuality of the product and the place it comes from-the terroir. Natural wine is very similar to the German transparency laws of beer making, which say that beer can be made only of water, barley, and hops. Purely natural wine is made of grape juice and little else.
We happen to like Organic, Biodynamic and natural wine a lot at Wolfe's Wine Shoppe.   There's a certain mode to them that we find absolutely adventuresome. So come out on Friday and see what's "In the Buff" at Wolfe's Wine Shoppe 
Wines to be tasted:     
Jauma Chenin Pet Nat Mclaren Vale 2016
Donkey and Goat The Gadabout White 2015
Adelsheim Chardonnay Willamette Valley 2014
Cacique Maravilla Pipeno Pais 2016
Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2015
Jean Paul Thevenet Morgon Vielles Vignes 2015
Ampelia Unlitro 2015
Catherine & Pierre Breton Bourgueil Franc de Pied 2011
$20 get you in and a Riedel Glass with RSVP to 
Tweet us @wolfeswines or go Old School and call 305-445-4567